Motor size "M" outer diameter 200mm


BLDC engine preview
Our BLDC M motors are available with the values of 12, 15 and 18KW for the output power at 58V. All the motors are equipped with sensors for reading the rotor’s magnetic field, which is necessary for efficient controlling of the motor, especially for high values of torque and for low-speed start-up. Thanks to their performance and low weights, our driving units are the world leaders. The range of models suits each application starting from motorcycles, through electric paragliders, rogallos and ultralight planes.  The system allows a wide range of settings for parameters and monitoring of all the data of a driving unit. Of course, there is a feature of monitoring the motor temperature and option for setting the temperature limits, and it is also possible to install additional sensors to stop the motor in a predefined position. The motor may also be used as a brake, in other words it is possible to make use of the recuperation function.






10kW awailable - data coming soon


12kW  Power response (pdf)

12kW Dimension push (pdf)

12kW Dimension pull (pdf)


15kW  Power response (pdf)

15kW Dimension push (pdf)

15kW Dimension pull (pdf)


                                                                                           18Kw  Power response (pdf) (in measurement)

                                                                                           18Kw Dimension push (pdf) (in measurement)

                                                                                           18Kw Dimension pull (pdf) (in measurement)





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