Motor M

Motors in size “M” (outer diameter 202mm) air cooled.

Motors are available with the output power 10,12,15 and 18KW (at 14S battery - voltage 58V) max. RPM is 1800-3200.  Is of course possible use different voltage which change RPM and output power.

Motor can by equipped with hall sensors for reading the rotor’s magnetic field, which is necessary for efficient controlling of the magnetics field, especially for high values of torque and for low-speed start-up. The temperature sensor is a matter of course.

 Thanks to motor performance and low weight have our driving unit’s best ratio in BLDC/PSMS motors segments. Standard M motor have weight 5,2kg.  

The range of models suits mainly for direct mount propellers, in drones, electric paragliders, hang-glides, small ultralight planes, drones also for another “land” application starting from motorcycles, small land vehicles etc.

In all models is possible customize winding and motor length during customer requirements, operating voltage, RPM, etc.

Is possible install additional sensors for stop the motor in a predefined position. The motor can be also used as a brake, in other words it is possible use him for the recuperation function.

Price depend on concrete performance, starts at 1610€

dimensions-15kw-pull-motor.pdf (156 kb)
dimensions-15kw-push-motor.pdf (157 kb)
nt-power-datasheet-motor-15kw.pdf (49 kb)
nt-power-datasheet-motor-12kw.pdf (49 kb)

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