The entire driving system is capable of working actually with any type of batteries. However, there is a one thing that shall be applied every time; especially for the batteries using Lithium ( Li-xxx )it is necessary to pull a “service” connector out of the assembled battery ,and to monitor voltage of the single cells. The system is set so that the regulator check voltage of each cell installed in the battery when it is discharged during a flight /drive, and if the voltage falls down below the threshold defined, it will reduce the performance, or shut down the driving system; this means that there is no risk of damage to the accumulator even when the entire battery is „balanced„ in greater extent. The same connector is used for active balancing during the process of charging. The intelligent BMS thus monitors voltage of each of the cells, and it also actively connects output resistance to the overcharged cell and thus it reduces its voltage. There is a plenty of possibilities how to assemble a battery, starting from the combination of parallel and series arrangement, used capacities of the single cells, and of course the types of batteries. And that is why we will present just one battery on which we will explain the whole principle. This battery pack is Li-pol 20C 5parael 14serial 53,2V medium voltage, nominal curent 25Ah, max. curent 500A.

Li-pol battery charging description

Li-pol battery pack

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