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Since 2008 we have dealt in development and production of sophisticated and electric drive for motor paragliding. Since then, we have run a long way on which we made several variants of drives which are ideal not just for aviation applications.

We use the latest BLDC (bushless) technologies of sensor motors which are nowadays applied in automotive industry, too. For controlling we use the latest “alternating“ regulators and 32bit ARM microprocessors, which guarantee high precision and efficiency of the entire motor along with sensor controlling of the motor. System of monitoring the charge level of the single battery cells guarantees absolutely safe operation while eliminating the risk of undercharge of the single battery cells. When being operated, the overall drive system may be monitored by telemetry, which provides, besides monitoring of battery capacity, many other details on the whole driving system. Thanks to deployment of hall linear sensors, controlling may be adjusted to various requirements, for aviation applications as well as for the land ones. And of course, there is an advanced charging method and intelligent BMS, (battery management system) which ensures very sensitive balancing during the charging process, and thus it ensures safety, availability and longer service life of the battery. The entire driving and charging system can be easily set, monitored and updated via PC application and USB port, and of course, the operation history is saved in the internal blackbox to be downloaded and assessed later. The overall drive is totally „green”, it does not produce any exhalations and thus you may be closer to the nature than with conventional combustion engines. Our objective is to provide a reliable, efficient, long-life, ecological and user-friendly (plug in) system for the drive, which does not require any special skills for controlling, or user discipline, while it provides sufficient reserve of capacity …


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